I came across a blog this afternoon that featured these adorable pink donuts. Im not much of a baker, especially at home, but the recipe looked 1) easy 2) vegan 3) delicious! So I gave it a shot.


The only thing was I didn’t have the required donut maker or donut pan. So instead I baked them in muffin pans.  Duffins? Monuts? Whatever, it turned out great!

ImageOther small differences I made: almond milk instead of regular. Apple pie spice instead of cinnamon and nutmeg (just because its what I have.) And Vanilla extract instead of almond (again because it’s what I had.)



I was so excited to try these, but if I had waited a touch longer I would have seen this blog http://foodflavorfascination.wordpress.com/  she advised me

” using a muffin tin and putting in a roll of greased baking paper in the center of each tin (secured on with a dab of batter on the tin so the roll doesn’t tip over). Then pipe the batter into the makeshift doughnut pan. Here’s a pic of what I did (the makeshift doughnut pan on the left):http://foodflavorfascination.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/img_1008.jpg?w=395&h=262
It won’t be perfectly round since the sides of the muffin tin are tapered, but it’s close!”

Many thanks to both of you!